Thursday, October 16, 2008

St Louis Silver Dollar Expo Setup

During a short 4 hour setup I was able to buy one of the "King of the Morgans", the legendary 1895-P in a choice original lightly circulated grade. Only struck as proof, probably 50 or so of these great coins slipped into circulation as heirs of collectors inadvertently spent these rare coins. Available now with a call to 859-269-1614 to confirm with Melanie, who will relay the order to me. NGC proof 55, medium gray old envelope toning. No credit card on this for a quick flip $34,777.

This is a superb deep mirror prooflike, and double struck Regensburg city view half thaler for $2477.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Egyptian silver tetradrachms from unknown shipwreck. These were found decades ago in shallow water off the coast of Phoenecia. Best as pictured $377. Middle grade, VF, some minor oxidation issues $277. Fine, substantial sea water damage $147. Fragments of coins, or totally encrusted lumps $47.

Silver tetradrachm of the Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. Most of these date 90 BC to 76 BC, and were struck during the reign of Ptolemy XII. Obverse portrait of Ptolemy I, founder of the dynasty after the death of Alexander the Great. These were recovered from a shallow water shipwreck off the Mediterranean coast of Phoenecia. About quarter plus diameter, about 13 grams. Best from the salvage (pictured) $377.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Face of Alexander the Great

This gold stater of Lysimachus, 297-281 BC, features the deified portrait of Alexander the Great wearing a diadem and showing a horn of the Egyptian god Amon. Lysimachus was the treasurer for Alexander's empire, and inherited Thrace and western Asia Minor as his share of the empire. The coinage of Lysimachus was the most extensive issue in ancient times featuring the face of Alexander the Great, and presumably have the most accurate features, since some of the die engravers could have known Alexander in life. This near pure gold coin weighs about 8.5 grams, and is one of the most popular coins of any ancient gold coin type set. ANACS About Uncirculated 50.

Mint symbol from mythology?

The reverse of the Lysimachus gold stater features the helmeted and armoured figure of the goddess Athena, one elbow resting on a shield and the other hand holding a figure of Nike. It is uncertain what the exergual group of figures represents. One suggestion was Romulus and Remus being suckled by the she wolf, though I consider this very unlikely. If these were the founders of Rome, a mint attribution to Troas in Ilium would logically follow, since Troy was the original city of their ancestors. The buyer should make their own decision of the symbol and attribution. The certification holder just uses a regional attribution of "Thrace" ANACS AU 50 $4700.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Colonial Currency

Great condition and pedigree! $477.